Friday, September 14, 2012

Still on a break

There's nothing really to update.  80 job applications - some have been a stretch (maybe 50%), but the rest I have all the qualifications needed.  No success.

I've quit looking.  No more job ads, no more tailoring resumes and cover letters.  No more getting excited about possible jobs that might be interesting, which means no more emotional roller coaster.

If something lands in my lap, so be it, but I am apparently not cut out for academia or non-academia.  I occupy the void between two worlds, with the days passing endlessly via a mundane routine.

I was trained in science, and at one time I relished solving physical problems, but all that is tainted now.  Nothing left but a piece of ordinary paper framed in mahogany, never-ending existence in no-man's land, and the loss of my last friend... hope.