Monday, June 11, 2012

Time for a break...

Since I started formally counting, I have submitted 45 non-academic job applications.  I thought I would give everyone a breakdown of the statistics regarding number of interviews and job offers.  As I am fond of numbers, I will try to provide the technical analysis at a basic level.  I truly hope it doesn't water down the results, and I can provide the comprehensive analysis if requested.  So here it is:

Number of applications:  45
Number of in-person interviews:  0
Number of phone interviews:  0
Number of phone interviews for jobs I didn't apply for:  1*

So, I think the stats say it quite clearly, and the sample size is not too bad.  First off, I should stop applying for jobs.  Secondly,  if I stop applying for jobs (at least those I believe I am remotely qualified for), then the number of requested interviews increases dramatically.  In total, if I do nothing then I am bound to receive more interviews than if I rigorously apply.

One of the 45 jobs I applied for was a perfect match, even given my academic qualifications.  At the time of applying, I was confident I would at least be contacted for a follow-up.  There was no way that I wouldn't move to the next step.  Alas, I received the email (at least a notification, right?) that I wasn't selected.  Another job was a bit of a stretch in terms of qualifications, but I wrote a great cover letter explaining how I could do the job well, and it was in an area relevant to my work.  It seemed like the perfect transition out of academia.  I even alluded to it in a previous post as 'The perfect job'.  Well, I guess you know how that turned out.  Sure, a few of my applications were far-fetched, but the majority had strong ties to my qualifications.  I feel like I am on the black list.

No more applications for me.  What ever happened to fate?  Fate is my new best friend.  If I am supposed to have a job, then it will just all work out.  Ahh...  wishful thinking, where have you been all my life?

* Ok, an internal recruiter at one of the companies I applied for gave my application to another internal recruiter in a different branch, and I was severely under-qualified (or over-qualified, don't they mean the same thing?) for the position.  The 'interview' was a bit awkward as I tried to explain that I didn't apply for this type of position while at the same time I 'begged' to be considered anyway.  So much for pride.